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Guide to Living at K&QW

There are many aspects to navigating life in a development of this size, from knowing where to put your rubbish to finding out whom to contact in an emergency. Much of this information is included in the Residents’ Handbook; for quick reference, some of the answers to common questions are below.

Where should I put my rubbish/recycling?
For flats in the main development, there are refuse collection rooms on most floors. Recycling should be taken to the main bin store in the car park, just behind the exit gate.
Properties on Rotherhithe Street need to take their rubbish as well as recycling to the main bin store.

Who is the emergency contact?
If anything out of the ordinary happens, please let the concierge on duty know as soon as possible. The telephone number is 020 7231 2577.

When is the leisure centre open?
Between 5am and 11pm; please see the leisure centre page for full information.

Are pets allowed at King & Queen Wharf?
In the interests of making life pleasant for everyone living and working here, animals are not allowed anywhere on the development.

What changes can I make to my apartment?
Your Lease will determine the extent of your responsibilities and freedom when it comes to decorating and renovating; there is also a guide to alterations in the Residents’ Handbook.

How can I pay my service charge/ground rent?
Payments can be made by direct debit, bank transfer or using the Rendall & Rittner Online service.

What should I do if there is a fire?
King & Queen Wharf follows a “stay put” policy, which is outlined in the Residents’ Handbook. Please make sure to familiarise yourself with this, and remember to alert the concierge (0207 231 2577) as well as the emergency services (999/112).